About Founder

Mr. Rohit Chanana – Founder, Sarcha Advisors

Version 1.0

Professional Journey – Truly Amazing and delivered wonderful outcomes to all Stakeholders.

For 36 years, of which 28 years were spent in Senior Management roles. I spent 8 years with Escorts, 4 Years with Ranbaxy and the longest stint of 24 Years with Hero. I have delivered wonderful outcomes to all my stakeholders including people who were associated with me in this journey. Delivering the desired outcomes require Deep understanding, Conviction, Belief, Hard work, Imagination, Humility, The obsession to excel and Win-Win rather than success in my view are always bespoke. My roles have been varied – Investment, Treasury, Fundraising & Corporate Finance, M&A, Leading Business with P&L responsibility, Developing and building strategy and execution plan, Organization and Culture, Mentoring, Family Office and Wealth Management. A quick glance at my experience will substantiate this point:

Investment across different asset classes

  • Investment across different asset classes, Tenors.
  • Long term Strategic and Financial Investments across Public and Private markets.
  • Disciplined investing in Alternative Investments (PE Funds) around themes.

Treasury, Family Office Investments

  • Managed large Portfolio of Family Office.
  • Created Investment Policy statement with Security/Liquidity/Returns in that order.
  • Best Treasury way back in ‘94.
  • Built Cash Management Systems in the mid-’80s.

Fund Raising / Capital Structure

  • GDR of USD 100 Mn for Ranbaxy.
  • GIC and Bain capital raise of over USD 800 Mn.
  • Debt of close to USD 700 Mn to buy out shares from Honda.
  • Innovative instruments for raising debt in both Foreign and Local Currency.

M&A and JV

  • JV – Life Insurance engagement and disengagement.
  • JV – Commercial Vehicles engagement and disengagement.
  • Evaluated for investment one of the largest hospital chains in India, largest shipyard and large manufacturing business overseas.
  • Ran the entire process of sale/purchase/financing of Partner shares in two-wheeler venture without any Banker, the process involved interaction with top 10 of 15 PE firms, Biz Partner and Mutual Funds.
  • Sold some of these shares to Bain and GIC the process involved interaction with the top 10 of 15 PE firms, the entire process of buying and selling was done without any support of the Banker.
  • 2 step Framework by addressing tough issues at the term sheet stage to ensure certainty of Closure.

Value Creation

  • Increased ownership of the Family from 26% to 40 % in two-wheeler venture with no debt overhang.
  • Significant Value Creation for Hero Group as a result of certain transactions.
  • Generated 5X returns in 5 Years in one of the overseas investment.
  • Evaluated New Biz in Renewable Energy for Hero Group – one of the few major diversifications.

Business Evaluation

  • Ability to evaluate Business around frameworks from Gut and Analysis (e.g. OYO, Nykaa).
  • Strategy and Growth – New/Existing Biz while balancing Risk Vs Returns.
  • Having worked with some large consulting firms, Being able to think in frameworks.
  • Large Size Biz evaluation keeping in mind Upside, Risks, and Capability Building to set realistic goals.

Project Management and Project Reviews

  • Execution focus in complex transactions end to end closure.
  • Outcome driven reviews.
  • Created different Performance Management Frameworks for business reviews.
  • In order to increase profitability evaluated Growth opportunities and cost optimization (not cost cutting).

Leading the Biz

  • Turned around a losing business into profitable biz (including acquisition). The growth of BPO Biz from USD 4 Mn to USD 100 Mn in 2.5 years.
  • Led Treasury as a Profit Center from 92-94 at Ranbaxy Led Family Office of Hero Group from 2010 onwards.

Realignment, Succession Planning and Mediation

  • Engaged in 2 Family Realignments.
  • Realignment in JVs.

  • Prioritization of opportunities and capital allocation.
  • Discipline and Focus.
  • Help in Making Choices.
  • Network and EcoSystem

    • Built a Strong Network (Dosti) and Ecosystem to achieve outcomes.

    Start-Ups Support

    • Alignment of Aspiration and values.
    • Drive Excellence, Raising the bar, Creating Optimism.
    • Coaching.

    Way Forward Version 2.0

    It’s been a very enjoyable journey so far.

    Since this is a fresh start of my career, I would like to learn as a 21-year-old but think like a person with 36 years of varied experience. I plan to be a student of psychology, philosophy & digital technology. I will be a dost, mentor and a mentee at the same time.

    I intend to leverage my experience of focusing on outcomes, being extremely positive and driven. I think win-win and be humble and a listener, while at the same time maintaining a balance between
    a) Gut & Analysis.
    b) Softer & Hard aspects of any interaction or investments.

    In retrospect, Everything that I have done during the course of my life reflects my deep devotion to five interconnected ideas

  • Fairness
  • Acceptance
  • Imagination
  • Trust
  • Humility

    I will go a step further to say that my “Higher Purpose is Happiness” that is inseparable from the results I bring to my friends (Dost) for whom I plan to partner/consult.