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Rohit Chanana

This website is set up by its Founder Rohit Chanana, as a channel and a vehicle to share learnings, corporate & life experiences. Rohit held senior leadership positions in Family-run businesses. He brings with him the experience of having created significant value for all stakeholders by leveraging his understanding of softer aspects, network and philosophy of win-win. He has been engaged in Large Family Realignments, Family Office, M&A, JVs, Buyouts, Investments, Business building and execution, Restructuring and Strategic Advisory experience.

Mr Chanana started his new journey as a 21-year-old student of Philosophy, Psychology and Digital Technologies two and a half years ago. During this period, he has invested in over 30 startups, spent time with over 300 founders and coached a few of them. He regularly shares his learnings, life experiences and frameworks relevant to startups, family offices and founders on his blog .

He now plays the following roles in version 2.0 of his professional journey:
° Angel Investor
° Coach & Advisor
° Family Office Consultant


Being the longest running team member Rohit Chanana has been a responsible senior member of the team at Hero Corporate Service and then at the Investment Office of Hero Enterprise. He worked closely with me for some of our key transactions and structures etc for the group. Rohit worked tirelessly and brought a sense of responsibility to the role. I wish him well in his new journey.

Chairman - Hero Enterprise

Rohit, I enjoyed a lot working with you. Your dedication can move mountains and then it’s fun too. Best wishes.

Chairman and Managing Director - Hero Cycles

Behind a very pleasant manner, Rohit Chanana combines a sound understanding of business and finance with a good ability to listen to and to understand the motivations of all stakeholders in a complex deal. I have observed him apply this valuable combination, hands-on, in several situations to produce good outcomes.

Former Member Planning Commission and Former Chairman BCG India

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rohit for many years and seen him first hand at work, extract value for the Hero Group in a marquee and complicated transaction where I was leading the counterparty.   He did so in a highly talented, skilful and balanced manner, performing the role of a one man investment bank.  It is great that many more corporates and family offices will now have access to his wisdom and knowledge.  I wish him the very best of success in his avatar as Sarchaa Advisors.

Chairman, Bain Capital India Office

Rohit and I have worked together for many years. Both as a client and a professional co-advisor, I found him very knowledgeable, incisive, practical and very open to ideas. It is a pleasure working and interacting with him. His human and interpersonal skills are also outstanding. I wish him the best.

Co-Founder & Managing Partner - AZB & Partners

Rohit is the quintessential corporate finance specialist. In his new avatar running Sarcha Advisors, he brings over 30 years’ diverse experience – helping startups; raising funds; making strategic investments; monitoring asset managers; partnering CEOs in M&A transactions; assessing restructuring strategies; and in various ways, helping create value for stakeholders while staying true to his lofty value system.

Founder & Managing Director - CRISIL

I have had the privilege of knowing Rohit for almost his entire period of leadership of Hero Corp investment office.
Rohit made sure that Hero Corp did not miss any opportunity. He always found time to receive investment proposals.
His style was consistent… listen carefully, ask pertinent questions and give a reasoned decision.
As he embarks on a new career, his ever sharp and analytical mind will continue to make him excel. My best wishes to Rohit.

Founding Partner - Arpwood Capital

Rohit and I know each other for a very long time. He is a thorough professional, those who work with him, immediately see the tangible benefits to themselves and to their businesses. I am glad to see him taking the next step forward with his new venture “SARCHA ADVISORS”. I am sure this will be another successful feather in his professional hat. My best wishes to both Rohit and Sarcha Advisors.

Deputy CEO - KPMG India

I have known Rohit for over three decades and ours has evolved from a business relationship into a friendship that I cherish.
He is a proven deal maker with the key skills of thinking win-win which have allowed him to master structuring and enhancing partnerships. The most impressive that I am aware of are his negotiated JVs with Daimler and Ergo, buy out of Honda by Hero at 50% discount and craft-full leadership in the PE partner selection process.
On a personal level, Rohit is a remarkable professional driven by values having a selfless approach and focused on outcomes.”

Former Asia Pacific CEO - Standard Chartered, Present Chairman - Centrum Group

Anyone who has known Rohit would agree that he is a top-notch professional who wears the vast and hands-on knowledge of his expertise areas comfortably and lightly. But what he brings to the table is a hefty dose of deep learning and sage counsel, perfected over many years. Without hesitation, you can see the reason why so many from his vast circle of business clients have now turned friends. There can be no better endorsement of his remarkable talents than the fact that he is admired for his professional as well as personal qualities. I wish him the very best.

Co-Founder and Consulting Partner, Perfect Relations

I met Rohit Chanana in relation to a business transaction and was immediately impressed by his incredible knowledge and his values. He is a tough negotiator but extremely fair and always sees matters from both sides. I am a great admirer of him.

Chairman - Ekatra Hospitality Ventures

I have known Rohit for several years now. He is a very seasoned professional who has seen every aspect of business exigencies and has answers to most of them. His advice to us on working with family offices and his support for Fireside has been invaluable. Most of all, I admire his positive attitude to life and his ability to make friends with all he interacts with. Wishing him the very best for his future endeavors.

Managing Partner - Fireside Ventures

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rohit for the last few years and am delighted to see him leveraging his knowledge, relationships and experience to support Founders and Family Offices on their institution building journeys. His focus on values and alignment of interest is particularly important in today’s fast-paced environment.

Managing Partner - Trifecta Capital

Rohit sir has been an absolute pillar of support and guidance for us at Josh Talks. His values and principles helped us rethink those of our organizations and his calm yet energetic personality has a way that inspires Supriya and me always. Rohit sir has helped us craft our philosophy, vision, and values that guide some of the biggest decisions that we make within the organization today. He has this mind-blowing ability to articulate complex problems into simple statements and is always there to help us solve them. It is an absolute honor to have Rohit sir by our side and he is more of a dost to Supriya and me than anything else.

Founders - JoshTalks

Rohit is one of the few family office heads in the country who has overseen full cycle of large scale wealth creation and deployment. He has a deep understanding of both the psychological makeup of large families, as well as how to manage money at a fundamental level.

Co-Founder and Managing Director - Avendus Capital