Conceptual Framework of Family Office

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Over the past few months, I have tried to understand, how people relate to a family office.

The common lingo is that Family office is all about Investments and in some cases succession planning (restricted only to Trust and Estate Planning).

In my personal view based on my 26 years of exposure to working with family offices is that it is much beyond investment, will/trust. It starts with objectives and followed with the Framework of activities of Family Office.

While every family may have different objectives for the Family Office but in my personal view, the Objectives are as under:

  1. Maintaining family harmony
  2. Protection and Building Brand and Reputation
  3. Enhancing wealth and Transfer of wealth

There are four buckets in the framework in order to achieve the above objectives:

1. Alignment of Philosophy, Aspiration, and Values amongst Family members
2. Risk and Cash Flows
3. Governance
4. MIS and Compliances.

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16 May 2019