About Sarcha Advisors

The website is set up as a channel and a vehicle to share the learnings, corporate & life experiences of the founder, Mr. Rohit Chanana, who has been a veteran corporate leader, having worked in Family run businesses and advised these Families and their businesses and startups. Mr. Chanana brings with him an experience of having led and managed large financial transactions, M&A, JVs, buyouts, due diligence, investment evaluation, business execution & restructuring and strategic advisory experience. Mr. Chanana shall be offering advice to entrepreneurs, family businesses, startups, institutions, corporates etc. in both non-profit as well as a commercial basis through blogs, white papers, thought leadership, articles and direct engagement on specific transactions. Through his combination of industry experience and a wide network of relationships across the board, Mr. Chanana’s endeavor is to provide extremely high-quality general & customized strategic advice and services resulting in great outcomes to stakeholders. His unique experience of working with multiple startups and family businesses, positions him to serve these two segments in accelerating their growth and advising on strategic options, in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our Team

Ishani Chanana

Ishani is responsible for managing family office investments of Mr Rohit Chanana. She will continue to drive public market investments and support Mr Chanana in private investments.

Ishani has been a part of Buy Side Research for Alternative Equity Fund at Edelweiss Asset Management for three and a half years. During her tenure with Edelweiss, she undertook equity research for companies in sectors such as Consumer Staples & Discretionary, Home Building and Autos. She spent fair amount of time in developing frameworks for evaluating businesses and industries in the consumer-oriented sectors. During the last few months she has also worked on developing frameworks to understand trends in the Indian Economy by extensively using RBI publications amongst other published materials. 

Ishani holds an MSc in Finance from Warwick Business School, UK and she also had exceptional academic record both in College and School.

Our Values

I want to take this opportunity to share the Values of our enterprise and our views on how to interpret these Values:

  • Fairness: Outcome should result in “win-win” for all stakeholders and not “win-lose”.
  • Acceptance: Respect diversity of views.
  • Imagination: Be Curious and find innovative ways to achieve dreams.
  • Trust: Trust has two components i.e Integrity and Competence.
  • Humility: Treat everyone as equal (Samta), Love, compassion, and empathy in interactions (Mamta), respect people for what they do
    (Kshamta) and be Polite (Namrata).

The words in brackets are what I learned from our Group Chairman at Hero.

The first five letters of the values result in the word “ FAITH”. Faith is irrational for some but rational for me, it has a much deeper and positive connotation and should result in achieving great outcomes for all stakeholders.

Based on my work experience of over 36 years, It is my personal belief that companies which have well-defined culture are more likely to leave a legacy. In building an Institution that can survive for generations, even in this new age, where the survival rate of businesses is shrinking, a well-defined culture needs to be interpreted by the company and its an ecosystem in the same way, as perceived by the authors of Company’s Values.

While many companies have defined Values but most, in my opinion, don’t practice and therefore unlikely to create a long lasting business. On the other hand, I have found one company that goes as far as appraising its top talent based on how well they have imbibed Company Values in their respective functions, this was an eye-opener for me personally.

Story Behind Sarcha Advisors

The story behind my firm’s name Sarcha Advisors: Connecting the dots

  • I had always believed that I could have done much more for my parents even though most family members believed I was a very obedient son.
  • The guilt just vanished once I got a quote from one of my friend Manoj Kohli, that our parents and their blessings are always around us.
  • While I was contemplating a transition to version 2.0, My son Rohan and his wife Upasana suggested that we name the firm after my parents, the name Sarcha’s first three letters SAR are first three letters from their name and last three letters CHA are first three letters of our surname. That’s how Sarcha was born. This was a way of keeping them close to my heart.
  • The logo of the firm got designed by my daughter Ishani and my wife Poonam who is also a Partner in the firm.
  • Finally, we searched for the meaning and here is what it is: Persons with name Sarch can be quite ambitious, self-confident determined and self-reliant and have strong unyielding will power and courage of their convictions. New projects, ideas, desire for expansion all allow them to go forth with courage, originality, and decisiveness.

This is destiny for me, many thanks for your wishes and support in my version 2.0.