Biggest Gift

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Dear Rohan & Ishani

I thank you from the bottom of my heart , for having taken the pains to give me the Gifts of my choice on my 41st birthday, but the biggest gift to me would be if you can become a good Human Being.

I want to share some of my thoughts, which might help you in becoming a good human being.

  • Your existence is because of the Communities that you live in, and the role you play in these communities. Please respect every human being.
  • Honesty, Integrity, and Fair-play are some of the guiding principles which must be practiced.
  • Be a good listener to become a Leader, and always be patient. Try and lead from the front.
  • Be the change, the way you want the world to be.
  • Create opportunities for others as well as yourself. Never hesitate to experiment as success is at the far end of failure.
  • Try and share as far as possible.
  • Do everything with the spirit of fun.
  • Read as extensively as possible as this could open up various opportunities.
  • Fully commit yourself to whatever you want to do. Set your goals and work to achieve them.
  • You should be concerned about the environment ,health, and hygiene.
  • Don’t worry about something which is not in your control. Try and achieve excellence in things which are in your control. Continue making efforts to make everything possible.
  • Don’t build expectations, as unfulfilled expectation can lead to frustration, i.e. do your Karma and leave the rest to God.

I am sure this return gift is not what you would have expected but I hope, in the long run, this letter of mine could be of great value to you in making you a good human being.

Lots of Love …………                                                                   

Rohit Chanana
16th April’99