Core Values – Sarcha Advisors

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I want to take this opportunity to share the Values of our enterprise and our views on how to interpret these Values:

Fairness: Outcome should result in “win-win” for all stakeholders and not “win-lose”

Acceptance: Respect diversity of views

Imagination: Be Curious and find innovative ways to achieve the dreams

Trust: Trust has two components i.e Integrity and Competence

Humility: Treat everyone as equal ( samta) , Love, compassion, and empathy in interactions ( mamta ) , respect people for what they do (Kshamta) and be Polite ( Namrata).

The words in brackets are what I learned from our Group Chairman at Hero.

The first five letters of the values result in the word “ FAITH”. Faith is irrational for some but rational for me, it has a much deeper and positive connotation and should result in achieving great outcomes for all stakeholders.

Based on my work experience of over 36 years, It is my personal belief that companies which have well-defined culture are more likely to leave a legacy. In building an Institution that can survive for generations, even in this new age, where the survival rate of businesses is shrinking, a well-defined culture needs to be interpreted by the company and its an ecosystem in the same way, as perceived by the authors of Company’s Values.

While many companies have defined Values but most, in my opinion, don’t practice and therefore unlikely to create a long lasting business. On the other hand, I have found one company that goes as far as appraising its top talent based on how well they have imbibed Company Values in their respective functions, this was an eye-opener for me personally.

January 2019