Culture of Execution: Rigour + Speed= Scale Faster

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In my pursuit of sharing simple frameworks for founders and owners, I have come up with an equation around execution, since in a startup it is all about executing the idea.

Here is how I would like to elaborate on rigour and speed.

Rigour, there is a need to have a rigour around: 

  1. Pursuing the purpose and values
  2. Process orientation, consistency in approach
  3. Discipline and focus on goals, outcomes, timelines and priorities
  4. Frequent monitoring and mentoring
  5. Capital and resource allocation, unit economics, profitability, ROI, Time to value

Speed is defined as:

  1. Hunger and urgency to execute strategy in a mission mode
  2. Having inspired, passionate and empowered teams and their incentives aligned with company goals
  3. Adapting to customer insights, congruence of technologies, regulations and emerging trends and business models
  4. Being agile and flexible, quick and tough decisions basis data and gut, learning and acting fast

I believe rigour and speed will lead to scaling up faster than we can imagine which eventually creates a virtuous cycle of sustainable growth.

January 2021