Frameworks of value creation and leaving a legacy by Start-Ups – very high-level thoughts

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Framework 1

• Define the Higher Purpose of the organization.
• Agree on Values: Set Goals, Milestones, priorities, and timelines.
• Create Long term Sustainable Value Proposition for long terms success and identify critical success factors and capabilities required to achieve such milestones in a defined time frame.  
• Identify essential stakeholders in the Ecosystem and create a value proposition for each of the stakeholders.
• Capability mapping with respect to  Value Proposition for internal and external stakeholders linked to goals, milestones, timelines, priorities, and responsibilities.
• Agree on which capabilities to own (build Vs buy) Which capabilities to access (outsource).

Framework 2  
• Define the Attractiveness of Opportunity.
• Company’s Ability to Compete.
• Identify Risks and mitigation plans.
• Synergy with external stakeholders.

Framework 3
Dream Big (borrowed from CK Prahlad lecture on India at 75).
Thinking behind the dream
• Aspiration is greater than resources
• Fold the future into the present
• Next Practices

Characteristics of the organization to achieve the dream
• Imagination
• Courage
• Passion
• Humanity
• Humility
• Intellect
• Luck

January 2019