Key Takeaways from my journey of Angel Investing in Start-Ups

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I have been an active angel investor since the last few years. I am sharing below some of the key takeaways from my journey of angel investing in start-ups. These learnings are based on an approximate sample size of over 60 start-ups that I have invested in.

1. Each one of the start-ups has an internet backbone

2. Founders age profile

  • 7 under the age of 25
  • Close to 20 age group 25-35
  • Balance are in age group of 35 and above

3. 35 to 40% of founders are from tier 2 and 3 towns, however 90% are based in Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Mumbai

4. Only 15% of founders are from premier institutions like IIT and IIM

5. 15% have of start-ups have women leaders

6. Founders below the age group of 35 have a higher risk appetite

7. 50% of start-ups are focussed on B2C and balance B2B or B2B2C

8. 50% start-ups have major physical activity on ground

9. 30% of start-ups majorly focus on 18-30 age group

10. Almost 40% are disrupting the business or business model and 15% have defined moonshots

11. Less than 10% of start-ups have global ambitions

12. Less than 5 % are focussed on disruption in manufacturing

Here is a list of the key disruptors:

BluSmartPrescintojumpingMindsStoryMirrorJobsgaar Technologies, Batx EnergiesJosh TalksStackSTAGE – OTT for BharatYatrikartTrulyMadlyAdvantage ClubmirrAR,  PLAYTOOME, Ramp, ExpertronsSanfeFinancepeer, AyuRythm, goSTOPS, thenewshop, bigbangboom

I hope you find these interesting.

October 2022