Leverage the Power of Cosmos – Thoughts to scale and impact exponentially

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I started my journey 36 years ago with family managed businesses, of which the last 28 years were with family patriarchs who were driven by values and purpose. I have spent over two years as a founder of Sarcha Advisors, invested in over 30 start-ups and met with over 300 founders.

I have been personally very surprised at the outcomes that I have delivered to my stakeholders, what I have found is that there is some positive energy that helps me in achieving these amazing results even though there have been enough sceptics who did not believe on the success of these projects. I believe it is the higher purpose and values driven approach that makes these outcomes happen. There is the desire to serve with no personal or vested agenda while running the projects/business and continued belief in myself and faith in god.

I want to share couple of examples which will make this point, one of which was to buy controlling stake from Honda Japan at 50% discount to the then prevailing price and second example relates to turning around a BPO company without infusing new capital and retrenchment. The said company had making losses for 4 years and 3 CEOs were changed during the period prior to the turnaround. The common thread in these two examples was, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, had belief and conviction in myself, was humble, fair, transparent and respectful to the stakeholders.

In my second innings i.e., my Version2.0, I still continue with the higher purpose and live my values of Fairness, Acceptance, Imagination, Trust and Humility.

It is my strong belief that if a company and its founders/business owners have a higher purpose to make a positive impact in the society, the energy of cosmos will definitely help them in scaling exponentially. The help can come from areas which we cannot even imagine.

I would encourage start up founders, business owners and promoters to explore this thinking and I can bet if this approach is followed from the heart (‘DilSe’), there is a very high likelihood to be supported by the energy from cosmos.

May 2021