Magic Of Four

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All of us have the Potential to be a Successful Leader, however we just have to do a few right things to achieve this Potential.

Here are some of the simple rules which in my view will help you in your journey to become a Successful Leader:

4*4 Magical Alphabets ( F.A.C.E ) – Recipe for a successful Leader


Basic ingredients to be a leader:

  • Fear (Fight the Fear)
  • Failure (Failure is the beginning of a journey to be successful)
  • Forgetfulness (Commit to your commitments, no Forgetfulness)
  • Faith (Have Faith in yourself and you will win)


As a leader if you follow this philosophy you will most likely to get the best from your team members:

  • Attention (One needs to be Attentive and be a patient listener)
  • Affection (One can get maximum results through love and Affection, this will also build trust and respect)
  • Appreciation (Appreciate both small and big wins of your teams/team members)
  • Achievement (Recognize Achievement of teams/team members in public and celebrate)


Every leader needs to set well-defined goals and the principle of 4 Cs will help you achieve your goals quicker.

  • Concentrate (Stay Focused and Concentrate on the Goal)
  • Consistency (Be Consistent in whatever you do)
  • Cooperate (You cannot achieve your goals by yourself, Cooperate and be a team player).
  • Conviction (Have the Conviction that you will win)


Jack Welch’s recipe to be a Successful Leader:

  • Energy (Leader must be full of Energy)
  • Energize ( Leader must Energise his team to get the best from them)
  • Edge ( Leader must ensure that everything he/his company does has an Edge over others )
  • Execute ( Build the culture of Execution and enjoy the process)

Jack also adds a P – Passion In my view we need to add an H as well – Humility

I am sure you will agree with me, please revert to me if you have any other ideas, but if you agree with the above then go ahead and implement.

All the best and God Bless you in your Journey to becoming a “Great Leader”.

Rohit Chanana
August, 2006