My Father’s 100th Birthday

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Today (1st May 2019) happens to be the 100th birthday of my father and I celebrated at a gurudwara in Gurgaon.

Both my Parents blessings and wishes are with me and they will always be with me. This is why my advisory firm is named after them. 

During their early lives, they had serious swings in their lives while being very rich at some time to barely making ends meet.

Their earning was just 600  rupees a month in which the whole family expenses were to be managed, yet they wanted me to go to the best school.

My parents had only one desire that I must get the best education,  therefore they put me in Delhi Public School and they had to shell out almost 25% of their salary for my education. 

I still remember my mother, who came from a very rich family and was the only child, became a vaccinator going door to door to vaccinate and earn a salary of 200 Rupees a month to ensure I studied well. She would walk 3 km and save 10 paise for the bus fare.

I promise this day that I will do whatever I can to make them proud.

My very best

1st May 2019