My first few months Journey Version 2.0

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I started my journey full of optimism and excitement and was expecting a cakewalk, given my unique skill sets and attitude. It’s been a mixed feeling and emotions since reality was very different. I was not calm with myself despite my spirituality and beliefs during the first few months. My patience was being tested, it was tough to remain at the center.

In order to stay positive I used to remind myself of my HigherPurpose (“Be happy and spread happiness and my best wishes to everyone”) and have been practicing the following mantra everyday morning when I wake up:

  • Thanked Maa Durga for giving me such a wonderful life (Gratitude) 
  • What a wonderful day
  • Unwavering faith and Stay confident 

My Wife and Children have been my biggest support and it was the blessings of my Parents that has kept me going.

After a few months of YoYo, I am calm with myself & enjoying the journey.

Here are my key learnings during this period

  • I have more true friends (Dost) now than ever before.
  • My interactions with the Founders of Startups have been very enjoyable as they made me feel energetic, optimistic, besides I learned a lot from them. They belong to a different world and are fearless, passionate, energetic in following their dreams, despite living in a world where there are a lot of challenges and negative news. I have met over 100 founders during this journey. My respect for Founders has gone up many times as, despite the challenges they face and their patience being tested, they keep moving forward.
  • I am Angel Investor in “12 Startups” (read more) and have committed to invest in a few more, most of these investments have been done in the last few months. I have followed the philosophy of “Dil Se”(read more)  while investing in Start-Ups.
  • I  created my website ( to share my life experiences. Most of these interactions are my learnings during the last one year and are contextually based on my interactions with the Founders and some Families. 
  • I have more time to think,  and learn subjects like Philosophy, Psychology and Digital Technologies and stay current on diverse trends.
  • I am able to spend more time with my wife and family.
  • A couple of misses are, I lost a few friends, some people failed to honor their commitments and struggled to get the mandates as a “Dost”(read more) in the true spirit of Partnership. One of the reasons for not getting certain mandates from families was also driven by the economic downturn, NBFC crisis, and negative sentiment even though the start-up economy has been doing wonderfully well.
  • I have so far turned down a few lucrative jobs offers to maintain my freedom, while living like a 21-year-old. 

In summary, what has kept me moving forward in my new avatar is:

  • Faith in Maa Durga, Blessings of my Parents, and support of my Wife and Children.
  • My Spirituality (Gratitude, Humility, Acceptance, Love, and Empathy). 
  • Enjoying the Journey and not attach to Outcomes. 
  • The positive energy flow from my founder friends in startups.

It took me some time to get to where I wanted to be, i.e enjoy the journey and be Happy and Spread Happiness. It is my belief that the future holds some interesting constructs for me and there will be many course corrections on the way while I contribute to the good of society.

I will continue to seek a blessing from my well-wishers.

2 September 2019