My first year at Sarcha Advisors

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Essay 1: My Journey

I completed my first year at Sarcha Advisors and it has been nothing short of an amazing journey. 

I would like to take an opportunity to reflect on the learnings of my last 36 years. 

I believe it is experiences and interactions with the people that we meet at varying stages of life that define who we are as individuals.

I have very fond memories and learnings from my interactions with Dr. Singh at Ranbaxy, Brij Mohan Lall Ji, and Om Prakash Ji at Hero. I have been extremely lucky to have seniors like Mr. Sunil Munjal at Hero, Mr. Vinay Kaul, and Mr. DS Brar at Ranbaxy; they had tremendous faith and trust in my capabilities and gave me the freedom and authority to work on some very large projects. I will always cherish time spent at Hero and Ranbaxy. The stint as CEO of Hero BPO was a defining moment of my career, it made me feel much younger as a 21-year-old; energetic and building purpose-driven culture around core values

Over the years, I have become more right-brain aligned and make decisions “DilSe” ( from the heart ) while creating a win-win.

One year is too short to share learnings but what has changed is that I have the abundance of time to focus on my higher purpose and enjoy the journey. I think of myself as a 21-year-old student of psychology, philosophy, and digital technologies. 

My new friends, Founders and Owners and management teams of start-ups and businesses keep me on my toes and teach me a lot. I have done over 20 Angel Investments; I read, watch, and listen about the subjects of my interest and those that are of interest to the founders and owners. Apart from that I also like to write short blogs on topics and issues facing the founders and owners and personal and business philosophy.

Essay 2: Sharing Life Experiences and Interactions with Founders and Owners

When I started my new journey 2, I had committed to share my learnings based on my experiences of 36 years and intertwine with new information based on interactions with over 150 founders and 20 start-up Investments. I have written over 100 posts on Linkedin out of which I have posted over 50 blogs on my website

The blogs are covered under different 3 buckets; I have outlined some of the key topics covered under the 3 buckets below: 

  • Start-Up’s articles and frameworks:
    1. Values and Purpose 
    2. Founders’ Dilemmas
    3. Dilution – Valuation vs Value Creation
    4. Choosing a Partner 
    5. Enjoy the Creation
    6. Growth and Scale 
    7. Empower Teams
    8. Interaction with founders 
    9. COVID essays
  • Business & Personal Philosophy articles
    1. Founders and Owners Mindset 
    2. DilSe philosophy of Investment 
    3. Values-driven win-win negotiation 
    4. Power of teams 
    5. Achieving great outcomes, power of Gratitude
  • Family Office articles
    1. A framework of family office 
    2. Role of family in managing wealth 
    3. Family office as a business
    4. Investing during uncertain and anxious times

I have been blessed to build new friends and have started to enjoy my newfound passion for writing to contribute to the founders’ journey.

April 2020