My goals for 2022 vis-à-vis Start-Ups – Create moonshots to inspire and energise

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One of my founder friends asked me a question about my goals for 2022, my response to him was that I need to work with my founder friends to ensure they create and internalize the purpose (Moonshots).

It is my strong belief companies driven by purpose and core human values will for sure attract positive energy from cosmos and believers whether teams, customers, investors and fans. The moonshots inspire and energise everyone in the ecosystem and help deliver wonderful outcomes to all stakeholders including society. One must have an unwavering faith and follow these consistently.

Here are five start-ups that I have been deeply engaged with, below I am sharing what is my understanding of their aspiration. The language may change but the core always remains the same. The companies are in the process of internalizing the same.

1. Blu-Smart

Business: Offer safer, cleaner, reliable and a fully electric ride-hailing service, creating new jobs and significantly elevating customer experience

Purpose: Decarbonise mobility and bringing cleaner air in mega cities of India

Founders: Anmol Jaggi, Punit K Goyal

2. Prescinto

Business: Performance improvement through actionable insights in the renewable energy sector

Purpose: Reduce one billion tonnes of CO2, fighting climate change with code

Founders: Puneet Jaggi, Sanjay Bhasin, Ramadas C Menon

3. StoryMirror

Business: Building ereator economy for writers and readers

Purpose: 10 million writers, 1 billion stories , impacting humanity in positive ways

Founders: Bibhu Datta Rout, Hitesh Jain

4. Jobsgaar Technologies

Business: Hyper local jobs for blue collar employees in Bharat – Tier 2/3/4

Purpose: Connecting workforce to 100million walk to work jobs in Bharat

Founders: Atul Pratap Singh, Moshe Jacob

5. jumpingMinds

Business: Solving for mental health and mental well-being through anonymous peer-to-peer interactions using deeptech

Purpose: Spreading one billion smiles

Founders: Ariba Khan, Piyush Gupta

I will continue to support and encourage more founders to stay committed and work hard in achieving their aspirations. You could use Ikigai framework and Sustainable Development Goals to create your moonshots. Just one word of caution,never do the maths while creating moonshots , they must come straight from the heart(DilSe).

These companies are likely to make a huge positive impact and continue be driven by profit with purpose to create a virtuous cycle of doing good and doing well.

My very best to everyone who enables the companies to be driven by moonshots.

January 2022