My interactions with Ritesh Aggarwal OYO

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My first meeting with Ritesh Aggarwal of Oyo was 15 months ago, we have become good friends.

I have tried to decipher his reasons for success, here are some takeaways from our interactions.

Ritesh has a dream to get to 10% of the unorganized market in the hotel segment. He is very focussed on Growth and never worries about competition as he felt there is enough for every player.

He thinks win-win and building long term partnerships with all stakeholders in the ecosystem and offers compelling economics to his Partners.

His mantra of owning the customer experience has really worked out wonderfully well. He takes a lot of pride whenever he shares NPS data.

He has built a fully empowered team of Oyopreuners in India and China.

His biggest supporters have been his investors who share a similar vision and encourage him to take big risks.

He always continues to re-imagine the future and looks to make changes faster than we can think.

He is a 24-year-old and wisdom of a 60-year-old, and always get the respect he deserves. He is driven by a Higher Purpose and Values.

I am sure these experiences will help young and aspiring entrepreneurs to think big and achieve their dreams.

I wish him all the positivity and energy that he needs to achieve his dream.

He truly values every rupee and tries his best to optimize spending despite sitting on a large pool of cash.

I asked him for a meeting this month and he said he has been sleeping on the airplane seats every night and would come and meet once he is in Delhi at least for a day. Truly a bundle of energy and very lucky to have a sound sleep in car or airplane.

All the best to Ritesh and his team of Oyopreuners.

October 2018