My Journey in 2020: Higher Purpose, Startup Investments

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The Covid-19 pandemic took over our lives in the year 2020. The pandemic created disruptions in our journeys of life, and we have seen new normal emerge because of this pandemic.

I am blessed to have been able to live my values, continue to stay focused on my higher purpose of staying happy, spreading happiness, and be able to give my best wishes to everyone connected directly/indirectly with me.

I continue to express gratitude as I continue to be a student of philosophy, psychology, and digital technologies as I learn to live in abundance and exponential thinking, being able to adapt to new ideas, biz models, and be curious all the time as a child.

In order to share my life experiences linked to my new learnings which are relevant to startups, family offices, founders, and owners in the current scenario, I have been posting frameworks, learnings from founders both on LinkedIn and my website While posting some original ideas and frameworks, I have also been sharing interesting ideas and learnings which are important and relevant.

Information in numbers: Posted over 50 posts with over half a million views, over 20 startup investments including following, and over 50 interesting articles.

This is also the year when my daughter, Ishani Chanana joined me at Sarcha Advisors and played a key role in the investments that have been made in 2020. While my focus has been on ‘Dil Se’ investing, Ishani brings in perspective, balance, and diversity to our investments with her focus on the left brain.

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