Scaling from 1 to 100,a message for founders on the power of same page and clarity of thought

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This is a message for all my founder friends to use the power of same page and clarity of thought to scale exponentially from 1 to 100.

I believe in my personal view that scaling from 1 to 100 requires building of company culture accordingly given that you are now building an institution to leave a legacy.

I am sharing below my thoughts for your consideration :

  • Agree on the purpose and values including core human values , core business values, core operating philosophy around various stakeholders. Agree on philosophy around ethics and governance as a responsible corporate citizen
  • Define goals, objectives for the next three years and then fold the future into the present broken down into 3/6/9/12 months and annually for next two years. The CXOs may have different definition of key metrics in mind. It’s important to leverage the power of same page and also make them your clones.
  • Prioritization of various initiatives linked to objectives of the organisation.
  • Define high level KRAs for all CXOs around the objectives and priorities. The CXOs should then drill down these objective for each of their teams into KRAs.
  • Build a culture of empowerment, owners mindset, speed, teamwork (most of the CXOs may be working in silos), open communication and define what do you mean by all these attributes. In order to get the best results, focus on outcomes rather than activities. Maintain data integrity by ensuring one data source.
  • Risk management framework basis severity, duration, disruption, financials of business.
  • You may need to give them face-time in pre-agreed schedule and honor this for next few months.
  • Focus on building processes, playbook, without compromising on hunger and speed to scale exponentially.

These are some of high level thoughts on scaling from 1 to 100 exponentially.

July 2023