Thoughts on Company Anthem

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I am sharing below my thoughts on having a company anthem to inspire, energise and ensure people are driven by the purpose and pride of being associated with the company.

The idea of having a company anthem came to me while booking an express delivery cab from BluSmart. While the call was being transferred to the driver (who was as always extremely courteous and polite), I got to hear some music, it is during this time I thought of the idea of having a company anthem to be there on the phone.

This further led me to think a bigger idea with regards to the objective for the anthem. Anthem can drive unity of purpose and define who we are and how we deliver and why we do what we do.

The anthem will remind people of purpose and values, and get them all on same page to bring clarity of thought and alignment of the goal that company wants to achieve.

In my personal view people are more likely to enjoy the journey and take pride in co-creation. The anthem I believe can be created in multiple languages.

These are some of my very high level thoughts on having a company anthem. I’d like to welcome any thoughts comments and thoughts from my founder friends.

September 2023