Top Angel Investors of 2020 by Forbes India and YourStory

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I am extremely delighted to be named amongst the top angel investors of 2020 by Forbes India and YourStory. While the number of investments shown by Tracxn is 7, I have actually made over 15 investments through my family firm Sarcha Investments in the year 2020.

I have now completed over two years of angel investing. During this period, I have met with over 300 founders, angel invested in over 30 start-ups and did 7 follow rounds. I spend almost 70 % time with the founders understanding their life journey, experience, purpose, values, and motivation for start-ups i.e. the softer aspects, (Biology and Chemistry), and follow up with a high-level understanding of business, business model, and cash flow (Physics and Maths). 

I enjoy writing blogs based on issues faced by founders and share them on my website as well as on LinkedIn.

I get a lot of intellectual stimulation through interactions by spending time with the start-up founders and by helping them think trade-offs, setting priorities, and providing frameworks regarding issues faced by them. This approach has helped me stay current and relevant. I allocate funds for start-ups out of my debt allocation, therefore enjoying the journey is relatively more important than returns.

I am blessed to be amongst the company of my rockstar founder friends (dost) of my portfolio companies. I will continue to contribute to the start-up ecosystem to make it more vibrant and value accretive, driven by my higher purpose to stay happy and spread happiness while living my values. Gratitude to all & Ishani Chanana for being on this journey.

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