Tribute for my dear mother, Lt Smt Sarla Devi on her 100th Birth Anniversary, 10th October 2023

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At the onset, I would like to wish my dear mother, Late Smt Sarla Devi, a very happy 100th Birth Anniversary.

It was a great coincidence that we were at Mata Vaishno Devi, and we had amongst the best darshan on this wonderful day of my mother’s birthday. This was possible because of blessings and best wishes from all of my dost and loved ones.

My mother was born in Sargoda, Pakistan on 10th October 1923. She was the only child born to very wealthy parents and loved deeply by them. Post partition in 1947, my mother’s family moved to India and lost all their wealth due to the same. It was my maternal grandmother’s sister (who we fondly addressed as Mama) who gave my mother and her family shelter in India. My mother’s life post partition was very challenging and she had to work extremely hard to provide me with best in class education. Her biggest dream was to see me become successful in life.

My mother worked very hard to save every paise she could. She became a vaccinator and would walk to door to door vaccinating against small pox. Every day, she would walk a few extra kilometres just so that she could save money to provide for my education. She wanted me to study in one of the best schools. I am extremely grateful to my parents, for they spent 25% of their earning of Rs 800 on my schooling. The rest 25% was spent on rent and balance as living for the 6 of us (my parents, my three sisters and myself).

I believe that whatever I am today is because of my parents dreams especially my mother and the role that Mama played in providing me with foundational core human values to make a positive impact in the lives of people all around. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my mother, my father and Mama for believing in me and I hope they continue to bless me from wherever they are today.

My parents shall always remain in my heart and , my company Sarcha Advisors is named after both my parents by using first three words (SAR) in their name and first three words in surname (CHA).

I have always felt that all of them are with me and they continue to bless me and forgive me for any wrongs I may have done knowingly or unknowingly . Their love and affection will always enable me spread happiness all around bring smiles. I will do my best to live the values given to me by them. I am truly blessed to have these wonderful people in my life, I will do much more for them if I have the opportunity to be their son in any future life.

My dear mom, dad and Mama, I love you and miss you, I wish could do some more for you but I promise you, will do all I can do to make you proud.

October 2023