Vision, Values and Traits of Exponentially and Profitably Scaling a Business

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I am sharing below my interpretation of the points highlighted by Lt. Professor C K Prahalad on the vision, values and traits of exponentially and profitably scaling a business. Lt Professor C K Prahalad was one of my favourite management gurus. I had the opportunity of listening to him at the CII National Conclave in 2007 where he spoke about his dream of India @ 75. He felt that India can grow at a rate of 10% if not more, and become a powerful nation by 2022. He always believed in the power of exponential thinking and moonshots

I am sharing my interpretation on the points he shared.

1. Philosophy behind Vision

  • Aspiration must always be greater than resources. Our mind is constrained by our imagination. Follow your gut and self belief.
  • Fold the future into the present. We should not only dream but create a blue print and a road map to get there.
  • Focus on next practices instead of best practices. Next practices help us being curious and creative without worrying too much about constraints with blue sky thinking, whereas best practices only lead to incremental thinking.

2. Philosophy of values and traits to achieve moonshots

  • Imagination : curiosity , creativity and learning to question the why
  • Courage : need to have perseverance, conviction and belief without fear of failure
  • Passion : conviction and energy to achieve their dreams
  • Humanity : work towards making a positive impact in the society
  • Humility : building a business with empathy, compassion, trust and respect in every interaction, thinking win win
  • Intellect : power to reason and clarity of thought
  • Luck : just do your karma and hard work and leave the rest to God to deliver the outcomes which are not in our control. Learn and unlearn

I hope you find my thoughts useful.

December 2023