Thoughts on Exponential Scaling

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In this blog post, I am sharing my thoughts on exponential scaling basis the experience that I have gathered in my start-up investment journey.

I believe that to scale exponentially and build a predictable, sustainable, profitable de-risked (PSPD) business model, it is important for every founder to start with answering the following five questions:

  • What do I love most and why?
  • What do I stand for and why?
  • What is the need of my stakeholders and why?
  • What is the legacy I want to leave behind and why?
  • What should my brand be known for and why?

This is extremely important, and it must be ensured that this philosophy is well documented and ideally be communicated to all stakeholders while also sharing a value proposition for them and to ensure that they think of themselves as a part of the start-up family. One must always think win-win, be ethical and ensure good governance.

The stakeholders who will play a key role in our journey are:

  • People
  • Customers
  • Business Partners
  • Investors
  • Government, regulators, and policy makers
  • Society at large

It is my strong belief that we exist because of our ecosystem and therefore it is extremely important for us to realise that we can scale only if our ecosystem of stakeholders believe in us and our philosophy.

Once we have clarity of thought and a well-defined and documented the philosophy, we should have an exponential and abundance mindset, create robust processes while building transparent, innovative, participative and execution focussed culture.

We must always focus on next practices using the newer tech tools and balance hunger, speed, quality and rigor of the processes.

It is the culture of the organisation built around our values, purpose and philosophy that can become the foundation to scale exponentially while building a PSPD business model.

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