My thoughts on potential funding winter for Start-Ups

Recently, Sequoia Capital presented a very cautious approach in a 51 page note for founders to manage their companies. Similarly, Y Combinator has also warned its portfolio companies to “plan for the worst” amidst worsening macroeconomic environment and sharp correction in tech companies. Both the letters signal a potential funding slowdown, hence the need to […]

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Personal Philosophy

Happy Mother’s Day – Tribute to my mother Lt. Smt. Sarla Devi

My mother, Sarla Devi was born in Pakistan. She was the only child and came from a very rich background. Post partition she had to shift to India with a daughter and had a very challenging time and they were almost surviving by the day. She was blessed with three more children post the partition […]

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Top 100 Angel Investors by Fortune India

I am extremely delighted to be a part of Fortune India’s top 100 angel investors of 2021. I have invested in 20+ start ups during this period. I have been actively pursuing angel investing since 2019 and have made 50+ angel investments, participated in 20+ follow-ons and interacted with over 400 founders.  I  have undertaken this […]

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Personal Philosophy - Startup

My goals for 2022 vis-à-vis Start-Ups – Create moonshots to inspire and energise

One of my founder friends asked me a question about my goals for 2022, my response to him was that I need to work with my founder friends to ensure they create and internalize the purpose (Moonshots). It is my strong belief companies driven by purpose and core human values will for sure attract positive […]

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Family Business/Family Office Setup

Family Office – My thoughts on Role of Advisor 

I have been asked this question quite a few times by some people on the role of an advisor of a family office (just to clarify, I am talking about an individual here and not institutional advisors). This issue has come up a few times in the last few months and it seems to me […]

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